Thursday, December 5, 2013

Let's Start a Blog

Only being able to communicate in letters and emails is such a funny thing. Conversations take months to finish, questions take weeks to be answered, but you don't mind it at all because you love each other so much. But some of these conversations that take months to finish spark lovely ideas. And this blog was one of them.

My sweetheart (Tyler) has a few months left until he is back in my arms, but we came up with this idea for this blog months ago through various letters (again, the distance thing.) 
We wanted a way to document our love, life and adventures when we're finally together again. A way to capture our story. We laughed and joked about silly titles for our blog and talked about how we would both write on it because:

1. I stink at keeping a regular journal

2. Tyler is a brilliant writer and just loves to write.

For right now, it's just me! I wanted to start this blog during the last year that he would be away. Just to write down my thoughts and experiences in the few months that remain before he gets home.

For those of you that followed me over here from my "Sincerely Emilie Ann" blog. Thanks so much for reading! 

I probably won't share this blog with a lot of people until he gets home. But for those that want to read, I'm so glad you're here!

-Sincerely, E

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