Thursday, December 21, 2017

New HOUSE and Christmas Time!

This post is so long overdue but here's a little look at Tyler and I's new house!! We are home for the holidays... literally ha ha ha. The whole process of buying/building a house was so terrifying and exciting at the same time. But there's not a day that goes by where we are not extremely grateful for the way that things turned out. We could not feel more blessed or happy. 

I only have a handful of photos from when we moved in until now and most of them are of holiday decorations ha ha!! So these pictures jump from Halloween to Christmas super fast! We've only really focused on decorated and furnishing the first floor of the house so I'll have to document the rest when we start focusing on the other rooms (which probably won't be for a while) Downpayment's are freaking expensive folks! We finally just bought a washer and dryer (halle-freaking-lujah) Special shoutout to k-wood and Scotty for letting us use theirs ha ha!! Best parents ever! But as you can tell my favorite colors ever for pretty much everything are shades of blue+turquoise, white, black, gold, and shades of grey! 

It feels so good to be home for the holidays and I can't wait for many more Christmases to come in this home with our future kids! But we're more than happy with our little fur-child for right now (as you can tell by Rosie's personal stocking) 


Thursday, October 26, 2017


It's been a while since I've blogged but better late than never!! SO MUCH HAS BEEN GOING ON!! But I still need to blog about our amazing family trip to Hawaii first! This trip was SO MUCH FUN! Oh my goodness!! We had been planning this trip for months but sadly when Tyler got his job at Goldman Sachs we found out that he couldn't miss work for the first 6 months of working there so he wasn't able to come :( :( :( I was so devastated and wished he could have been there with all of my heart but it was still fun being with the rest of the family and going on crazy adventures! My brother made a killer video that I want to post later! We did so much on this trip! We went snorkeling, biked down a volcano, went cliff jumping like crazy everywhere we could, did the road to hana, and so much more!! It is a trip with my family I will always remember! 

missing Tyler :(

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Meet Rosie!!

Hi everyone! My name is Rosie Roo Headlee and I'm a marshmallow! Just kidding, I'm a 3 month old cavapoo and I love my new mom and dad and I'm so happy to be here!!

My parents drove 4 hours to Wyoming to pick me up which makes me think they are either crazy or really love me... or are a little bit of both! I love to cuddle and lick people's faces! I also love to play with toys and show them to everyone in sight, sharing is caring! Going potty outside is really tough for me but I'm finally learning to ring the potty bell to go outside... even though I heard we are moving in a week into a new house so I'll pretty much be starting over! Oh well, at least I don't have to clean it up! **evil laugh*** I love to run around and chase things especially my best doggy friend Ivy!! My favorite thing to do is chew on bones and curl up under my mom's chair while she's editing! I love to say hi to everyone and cry like a maniac whenever ANYONE leaves the house! It's just so sad!! Separation anxiety is the worst! Well, things are pretty awesome and I love my new family!! :)