Friday, December 30, 2016

Peace Out 2016!

3 best friends having babies, my sister getting married, a best friend returning home from her mission, over 30 weddings photographed, close to 200 photos shoots and sessions shot, a magical New York Trip, Disneyland and Harry Potter World, shooting weddings in San Diego and Newport Beach California, trips to St. George and Las Vegas, slicing my finger open cutting an avocado, photographing a fashion editorial for UBB magazine, flying in a plane out to the desert to shoot some killer engagements, burning my hands (worst pain I've ever felt in my life that went on for 12 hours) cutting hot peppers, being a preferred vendor for Utah Valley Bride and Utah Bride Blog, anthropologie featuring one of my photos, a few panic attacks, speaking at Rising Tide Society about growing your audience via social media, being published in Utah Valley Bride Magazine, camping with great friends, and spending time with amazing friends and family.

You can say it's been a crazy year! 

Here is a video I've been putting together all year of our adventures and moments! 2016 has been one for the books!

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Lately... Like 3 Months Worth of Lately... ;)

Get ready for a TON of photos! I haven't blogged about everyday life for like 3 months and a LOT has happened! Including another one of my best friends have a baby, my sister getting married, lot's of fun adventures, my birthday and I even spoke as a guest speaker at an event called Rising Tide Society which is a group of creatives and entrepreneurs! I spoke about tips and tricks on how to grow your audience on instagram and targeting your ideal client. It was pretty epic! I was SO NERVOUS but I think it went well!! ha ha!! I'll put more descriptions under the photos!

 Shot another beautiful styled shoot! This one has got to be an all-time fave!

 Baby Max was born!! Delaina and Tyler make the most darling parents! So happy for them! And this BABY is adorable!

Flew in a two-three person little plane out to the desert to shoot engagements for an awesome couple! This is me with my bride Ashley sharing the backseat! ha ha! I was SO SCARED, especially with flying home in a small storm.

One of many darling bridal showers for my sister!! She is such a babe!

I also threw her a bachelorette party! It was a ton of fun!

Hanging out with Annie girl! One of my other best friend's darling babies!!

My mom made me this darling succulent. It has sadly since passed on. It contracted a disease and I have no idea what happened! This is the second succulent I've owned that has died. Maybe I'm not meant to have plants ha ha ha.

I turned 24 on October 2nd!! It was a great, low-key birthday and I loved it! P.S. I hope our kids look like Tyler. He's so handsome!!

My sister got MARRIED!! To the love of her life Connor! It was literally the most beautiful, perfect day! I can't wait to see the wedding pictures and video! I can't believe my baby sister is MARRIED!! It still blows my mind! And Connor is so awesome! We love him and are beyond happy to have him in the family!

You GUYS!!! Should I go dark? I'm serious!! I kinda like it! I clipped my sisters extensions she used to make her braid thicker on my head and this was the outcome. No joke, I kinda like it! But what do you think? I've always done blonde so I have no clue!

Love my girls! Having some girl-time, getting lunch and just plain talking is always my favorite with these two!

Corn belly's with the crew! It was a total blast! I always have a good laugh with this group. And Jessica and I almost peed our pants from laughing so hard because we literally got chased out of a maze by a chainsaw guy and I tripped and fell FACE FIRST into the gravel. It was hysterical!

I threw a "Lil' Pumpkin" themed baby shower for my other best friend Alex who should be having her baby ANY DAY NOW! Three best friends having babies this year! Can you believe it!? I think the shower turned out pretty cute!

Fright mares with my other crew was a blast! I love being best friends with my siblings! There's never a dull moment! I love them so much!

Our family's dog was a hotdog for halloween and it was hilarious!

We've been going to lot's of jazz games lately with friends and family! They are SO fun! Tyler is like... the Jazz's number one fan and likes to yell profanities at the refs and yell at the top of his lungs.  This used to scare me but now I'm used to it and embrace it ha ha ha ha ha!! (Also that group picture is honestly the worst photo of me I have ever seen... gag)

When you and your sister has the same style.... this happens.... a lot! What can I say! She has good taste! And there's a plaid trend I see! ha ha!

Doesn't this photo MELT YOUR HEART!! Baby Max and Tyler watching the jazz game! Look how big Max has gotten! Told you it has been a hot minute since I've blogged! But this photo is everything! Love it! Thanks for capturing it Delaina!

We babysat Tyler's two youngest siblings for a whole week while his parents were in Florida and it was way fun!! These two are awesome. We went to nickelcade, swig (obvi), and saw the Trolls movie which was SO GOOD by the way! We totally had a dance party on the way home to the music from the movie! These two are so busy with soccer, dance, singing, piano and lot's of homework! But we nailed it! Love these two cuties!

We had our 2nd anniversary on November 20! Tyler took me out shopping at City Creek and then surprised me with Dinner at The Roof downtown! It was such a good night! And I surprised him with tickets to see Panic at the Disco (we love that band ha ha) this upcoming year!!

We went razoring up in Midway and we got drenched in water and mud but was totally worth it! Love adventuring with this guy!

This is an awful picture of me speaking because I pulled it from a video. But loved being a guest speaker at this event! Yay for entrepreneurs!! 

That's it for now! Told ya it was a lot ;)

Monday, November 28, 2016

Two Years

I can't believe it's been two years since we got married. In ways it feels like yesterday and in other ways it feels like we've been married for much longer than that. This second year has been incredible. It's true what they say about love, how it grows and becomes stronger with time. Not without hardship and ups and downs, but it grows all the same. I didn't think I could love you more than I did the day we got married. Boy was I wrong. I love you so much more now than I did then! And that sure is a lot. I think marriage and being married gets a bad rep these days. And that's so sad because I couldn't imagine a life where I didn't have you by my side as my confidant and my support. My cheerleader and the person I laugh with so hard until I cry. Someone who loves me despite my shortcomings and my flaws. And trust me, there are many. Unconditional love is what marriage is about. It's having that one person who loves you no matter what and helps you believe in yourself when you begin to doubt. Marriage is sharing the bad times as well as the good and smiling through tears of sadness as well as joy and happiness. I've never been more sure of a decision than of my decision to marry you and I'm beyond grateful to have you in my life and after. Eternal families. What a beautiful blessing. And what a beautiful gift it is to call you mine.

Photos by Kristina Curtis Photography

Monday, October 31, 2016

HAPPY HALLOWEEN (Our costumes+Headlee Halloween Party)

It's that time of year again!! My FAVORITE time of year and favorite holiday ever! Halloween!! We knew what we wanted to be this year pretty much right after Halloween last year ha ha ha!! So this year we were Jack and Sally from Tim Burton's A Nightmare before Christmas. It was so much fun!! It took forever to get Tyler's bald cap because he has soooo much thick hair on his head but I think it turned out great! At the bottom of this post I put our costumes from the past two years as well just to reminisce! But this year's Halloween has been a total blast! We had our 2nd annual Headlee Halloween Party on Saturday and let me tell you, EVERYONE brought their A-game for the costume contest! It was seriously so much fun! We loved decking out our apartment in decorations and seeing everyone show up in their awesome costumes! Tyler and I are pretty bad at games but I think they turned out alright!! It was another successful Halloween! Now I'm sad that it's over. But next year will be even better! We take Halloween very seriously in the Headlee home ha ha ha!! Happy Halloween everyone!! :) 

Headlee Halloween Party!! 
(not pictured: Delaina+Tyler, Chanelle+Jarom, Chase+Frances and Ethan is taking the photo)

Jess+Josh (Moonrise Kingdom) seriously on POINT even down to the beetle earrings. If you haven't seen this movie you HAVE to! One of my faves!

 Sarah+Connor  THIRD PLACE WINNERS! Darla+Alfalfa from Little Rascals. Connor's hair and the parasol kill me! Love it!

Allie+Brady: Burt Macklin FBI and Janet Snakehole (Parks+Recreation) love her headpiece and they both look legit!!

Jarrett: Superman! muscles, slicked hair and all!

Brennan+Whitney: Dr. Who and his Tardis (screwdriver included! LOVE this one)

Emily+Collin: Lois Lane+Clark Kent (pose and glasses on point!)

Amelia+Stefan: Officer Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde from Zootopia! (LOVE this one! look up the movie poster, it looks just like them!)

Alex+Nate: White Trash (Literally almost peed my pants. Hilarious way to incorporate being pregnant into the costume! love it!)

Conner: MARIO (that's a real mustache folks!)

FIRST PLACE WINNERS of the costume contest!! Emily+Jason as COSTCO ha ha ha! So clever and so hilarious. We all died!

Amy+Nate: Lois Lane and Clark Kent! (Love the media pass and matching glasses!)

 Jordan+Alissa 2ND PLACE WINNERS: Monty Python!! (seriously laughed so hard when they came in hitting the coconuts together and riding invisible horses and the whole nine yards. Amazing!!)

Danny+Whitney: STAR WARS, Han, Leia and a baby Ewok! Sooo stinking cute!

Hailey+Jaron: Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf (the picture doesn't do all his hair justice it was AWESOME)

Jarom+Chanelle: Jack Sparrow+Elisabeth Swan!! Love that they went with the adventurous Miss Swan!!

Delaina+Tyler+Baby Max: Ghosts (seriously just look at Tyler, I die. ha ha ha ha)

(not pictured: Chase+Frances, a cheetah and safari guy it was SO funny! I'm mad I forgot to snag a photo!)


Handmade floating candles

And here's a little shoutout to Halloween's Past. 

Last Year 2015 Wesley+Buttercup from the Princess Bride

2014 Gandalf+"Fro"-do from Lord of the Rings