Wednesday, November 4, 2015

A Disneyland Halloween

For as long as I can remember going to Disneyland on Halloween has always been on my bucket list. I just figured that taking my favorite holiday and one of my favorite places and smashing them together would be AMAZING and I was totally right!! This trip was an absolute dream come true! 

Tyler and I kinda screwed up and went to disneyland at the beginning of the year and didn't check the website for which rides would be closed. It ended up almost EVERYTHING we truly wanted to ride and do was closed the first time we went. Splash Mountain, World of Color, The Matterhorn, Peter Pan, and the actual castle had a tarp over it! It was kind of a bummer. So we decided to take a second chance and it was a MILLION Times better. Everything was open and decorated perfectly for Halloween. The people at disney blow my mind with how intensely and beautifully they decorated for Halloween. It was so fun!! I loved just walking around and seeing all of the cool Halloween decorations!

We got to ride all the rides we wanted multiple times, saw the parades, firework show and world of color, googled "top ten treats to get at disneyland" and made it our mission to try as many as we could(favorites include: Matterhorn Macaroon, Mint Julep and Mickey Beignets, dalmatian mint ice-cream sundae, and red apple freeze drink), we magically got lucky with a guy handing us his fast passes for a ride he wasn't using, and then another guy we met in line invited us to come with him on tower of terror using his stroller swap (which is totally cool by the way), and much more!! This trip is one I will always remember. Tyler and I literally could not stop smiling and we had a total blast!! 

 (Posing with the strangers behind us ha ha)

 This my friends is a Matterhorn Macaroon the you get at the "Jolly Holliday" on Mainstreet USA. And let me tell you... the rumors are true. This little piece of heaven is DIVINE! If you love thick, gooey, coconuty goodness... then this is the treat for you. And guess what. It's HUGE and it was $1.99 uh #winning.

 Dalmatian mint chocochip sundae from the ice-cream parlor on mainstreet. Tyler and I shared this and it was amazing!

 The castle was completely decked out in Diamonds for the 60th diamond anniversary celebration and it was BEAUTIFUL!! I kinda hope they keep the diamonds on from now on even once the year is over. 

This is a red apple freeze drink from Cars Land. People kept recommending this one to us and yet it was the treat I was the least enthusiastic with. At first it just tastes like regular apple juice and then once you hit certain spots in the drink, Ty and I decided it kinda tasted like a weird apple pie. But hey!! To each their own! On the other hand... I forgot to take a picture of the Mint Julep drink at the Mint Julep Bar in New Orleans Square and THAT was SOOOO good. You would have to like mint though! I would totally recommend that one instead of this one! 

Monday, November 2, 2015

Headlee Halloween Spooktacular Party

It has always been one of my dreams to throw a Halloween party! This year I decided to make that happen! It turned out to be a lot more stressful planning a party than I thought it was going to be, but in the end it turned out great! And let me tell you… me and pinterest were best pals during this planning process. Tyler and I had a lot of fun putting together decorations and creating little treats! It was so fun to get together with friends all decked out in Halloween costumes and play games and just catch up!! Halloween is the freaking best. I miss it already!! 

 (Hotdog mummies)

 (mini pumpkins)

 (Pumpkin throwing up guac.. kinda gross.. but cool ha ha)

 (Chocolate strawberry ghosts!)

 (Candy corn drink using orange soda, vanilla ice-cream, and whipped cream. I made this one up and it was good at first but the carbonation goes away super fast so make sure they aren't sitting for a while before guests arrive! Whoops!)

(not pictured: Taylor+Dani and Alex+Nate and Brady )