Friday, July 25, 2014

Let's Go Down to the Rope Swings

Both summers that we were dating before Ty's mission we would always take a little trip down to the Mona rope swings. It became a really fun tradition and it's always a blast going down there, swimming in the ponds and of course swinging from ropes hanging from trees. It felt so good to be back there with my sweetheart again! This time was seriously so much more fun than all the other times combined! We laughed and swam and the water was seriously so warm! (which is good because I have a thing against cold water) 

And to top it all off I found out that my boyfriend is actually spiderman! There is a tall platform at the top of the tree and Tyler just climbs on up there, swings from way high up and does a freaking backflip off the swing!! Who is this kid?! It was pretty amazing! And seriously such a fun day! 

Friday, July 18, 2014

He's Home!!

July 9th was the most amazing day in the world because that was the day my sweetheart finally returned home from his two year mission! The whole day was like a dream! I'm pretty sure I was in denial the whole day that he was actually coming home and that I would be able to hug him and be with him again! When we all saw him come down that escalator it was seriously so exciting, we were all freaking out and he was just so happy and looked amazing! I watched him hug his family members in disbelief that he was home and when it was my turn, well, words really can't explain the feeling of that moment. I could breathe again having him in my arms and it was honestly the greatest moment of my life so far.  The whole rest of the day I kept saying "This isn't real." Because I had dreamed of this moment for so long but now it was actually happening! He was HOME!! :) We spent the rest of the day together with his family and then the two of us went over to see my family as well! Then we drove around talking, holding hands, and kissing each other's faces ;) ha ha ha!! Best. Day. Ever. 

He's been home a little over a week now and we've been pretty inseparable. It's been the happiest week and it just keeps getting better and better. So happy to have my best friend and other half home.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Snaps of June

June went by extremely fast! I honestly cannot believe it's actually July! This month felt like summer truly begun with everything from hanging out by the pool, to rising temperatures, hikes, and just playing outside with the fam! I'm extremely excited for July to finally be here! I love July! And most importantly… Tyler comes home to me next month! YES! :)