Monday, May 12, 2014

What's Your Color?

To start off, I need to send a huge thank you out to my family and friends who are constantly my models for all my crazy school projects. You never know what you're going to get yourself into when you model for me for a school project. Seriously. I've dumped paint all over people, made models trespass on occasion, almost set my garage on fire (really it was so close) made them sit in a warm tub that quickly turned freezing, stand in a pool while people were IN the pool, have crazy make-up and hair and these guys are always willing to help me out and go along with my crazy ideas. So thank you thank you THANK YOU! 

This series of photographs is a project I worked on from January to April for a Color Photography class at UVU. It ended up being my favorite class that I have ever taken at UVU for many reasons! It was fun, had the most incredible professor, and I got to do whatever the heck I wanted for the final which is a huge bonus when you're an art major ;) So I chose to photograph people in an abstract or interesting way to display their favorite color or a color I thought looked amazing on them or reminded me of them! I loved the way these turned out and I learned so much from this class it's ridiculous!


Hair and Makeup by Samiee Grange


Hair and Makeup by Samiee Grange



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  1. Absolutely Love your work! You are just so talented. I'd model for you anytime!