Sunday, July 5, 2015

Sunvalley Idaho

Last week I had the chance to drive up to Sunvalley Idaho with Tyler and his family. Ty's family goes every year for his dad's bankers association convention so it's a fun opportunity for the family to relax and have some fun at the resort! This place is DARLING! All the buildings look like they jumped out of a European storybook and the breathtaking mountain views are amazing as well. I loved walking along the pathways with Tyler wandering into all the little shops including a cute candy shop where we got some of the best frozen yogurt ever! I didn't think things could get any cuter and then all of a sudden the bell tower starts chiming a tune from the sound of music!!! The atmosphere was amazing.

This little getaway was much needed and we had so much fun swimming, relaxing, ice skating, playing card games, bowling and we even rented a tandem bike and rode down to a nearby town. The best part of the trip was going on evening walks around the village with Tyler and listening to all the stories he had about coming here every year when he was younger. He was so excited to show me everything and his excitement made everything so much better and happy! Sunvalley is definitely a place to see!

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