Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Our First Place

So I finally got around to taking some photos of our first apartment! If you've ever lived the glorious, provo, college life you know that the apartments are seriously not the best. Most of the time they feel like a concrete box if you are on a budget like we are. After scavenging the ksl classified ads we came across this little place right across the street from the provo cemetery (really quiet neighbors is a plus obviously, even though our front yard is comprised of a graveyard). We made this apartment into our own little place that feels like home even though it has an infinite amount of issues for example, no air conditioning (kill me), no dishwasher, broken steps, heat that comes from the ceiling, two scary huge doberman dogs in the backyard, a broken kitchen sink faucet that sprays everywhere if you touch it the wrong way, and the toilet used to scream at us when you flushed it but we fixed that one ;) 

We're still debating on whether we are going to be staying another year in this place or look elsewhere. But despite its issues, it is our own little place and has become a home filled with precious memories of our first few months of marriage that I will always cherish! 

 (my office is always a work in progress. I dream of the day I can have a real home office and decorate it in the style of my business. But until then, I'm going to keep experimenting with this fun little space!)

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