Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Location Scouting and ONA Loving

As a photographer I am constantly scouting out new locations for shoots. Luckily for me, searching for spots has turned into a fun adventure activity for Tyler and I. There have been many times where "I think there is something just over this hill" has turned into a steep hike through mud. Tyler knows never to believe me when I say it'll only take 20 minutes, it always turns into a total exploration where-ever we go. Today we found a beautiful spot close to home with purple wildflowers and gorgeous trees. Totally worth the 15 bug bites I have all over my legs and arms.

And in other news… I GOT A NEW CAMERA BAG!!! I have been eyeing the Brooklyn Bag from ONA for well over a year now and I finally gave in and bought it after my old camera bag began to break. It's made out of genuine leather and is SO sturdy! It actually carries a lot more than I thought it would as well! It can carry up to 4 lenses and has two handy pockets, one in front and one in back. I love this bad because I think it fits well with my style and my brand as a photographer! I have quite the obsession with camera bags (I'll do a post someday about my favorites and why) but I couldn't rave more about this gorgeous bag from ONA! I am literally so in love!!

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