Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Annual Mid-Semester Breakdown Post

Ok time for real talk. This is my least favorite time of the year. Some may call it the mid-semester blues but I call it absolute torture. 

Granted this is my LAST semester of college. The last time I will EVER have to walk into a classroom at UVU. The LAST time I will have to fight almost to the death to get a freaking parking spot in the parking lot. The LAST time I'll have to write a paper or take an exam. And that's all good and dandy, but the semester is only half-way done and I have the biggest case of senioritis that there ever was. 

Nothing against UVU at all. I actually love the school itself! The atmosphere is so fun and encouraging and the professors are incredible and really want you to learn and succeed. But I just don't like school. ha ha ha ha ha!! I hate going to class, I hate doing homework, and I would much rather be focusing my energy on something more worthwhile to me like my business. But it's ALMOST OVER! I just have to keep reminding myself that. 2 more months and I can ditch the backpack, hang that freaking piece of paper on my wall *cough* I mean degree *cough*, and call it good. In the end I guess it proves I can do hard things. But at the moment all I want to do is scream and throw the 3 projects I have to do out the window! 

For now I'm going to keep on fighting through the urge to jump off a cliff and replace those thoughts with thoughts of warm sunshine and some incredible styled photoshoots that have been waiting patiently in my brain to be created! 


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