Sunday, March 8, 2015

Friday Night Adventures

Our friday night adventure this week is brought to you once again by Provo Center Street's array of cool little eating joints. This week Tyler and I discovered Bruges Waffles and Frites. 
Holy. Cow.
This place is INCREDIBLE! They were also featured on travel channel's Man vs. Food! I love travel channel and every show on it so I was extremely excited to eat somewhere that had been featured. So basically the title of the restaurant says it all! They serve waffles and frites! Frites are the german version of french fries! I got the turkey bacon avocado sandwich and it was amazing! All put together inside thin and delicious waffles. Tyler got the machine gun sandwich! Which was featured on man vs. food. It's lamb sausage covered in frites and an AMAZING sauce drenching the entire thing. We shared both our meals so we could try each and we were in heaven! If you haven't tried this place you should go try it! It was so good!


  1. Oh man I love man vs food! We don't have tv and I seriously miss that show!! I'll have to go to that waffle place because it's on my bucket list to go to a restaurant that's on man vs food:) "Adam! Adam! Adam!" Haha:)

  2. Wonderful series of photos. :)

  3. Wonderful series of photos. :)