Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Weekend Shinanigans

This past weekend was the weekend of double dates. On Friday night we doubled with Tyler's friend Jarrett and his date to the coolest little restaurant called Station 22. Ty and I have made it a goal that we have to go to restaurants we've never been before and try new things and this place did NOT disappoint. I adore a place with a chill, amazing atmosphere and this place nailed it. From the art on the walls to the cute mason jars they served their drinks in I was in love with Station 22. Not to mention their food is SO good. It's country-styled food and Tyler and I recommend getting the Station 22 Club sandwich, the Chicken and Waffles, or the Pig and Cheese (that last one sounds kind of gross but trust me. It's pulled pork with green apple slices and gourmet cheese goodness… you won't regret it.) They also have this cool soda wall in the back where instead of getting your regular water or diet coke in a mason jar you can go pick a bottle of soda off the wall for your drink. And they aren't normal sodas either!! Tyler got butterscotch root beer and I got peaches and cream soda. We also tried a coconut nutmeg soda that was to die for. So after dining at Station 22 we went right next door to a comedy club to watch an improv show. Classic provo date right there ;)

Saturday night we went with our friends Allie and Brady to the Blue Iguana for dinner (correction.. this is not the RED iguana which is also delicious. This is the BLUE Iguana) Again with the atmosphere thing… this place is pretty cool. You walk down these stairs into the basement of an old brick building to this darling Mexican Food restaurant with different levels and cool decorations. Plus they have an eating challenge where if you finish their grande burrito (which is literally as long as my arm or as big as a newborn infant) you can get dessert for your whole table. Tyler tried it a couple years ago… and didn't quite finish it… ok he ate barely half. ha ha ha! It's HUGE!!! After dinner we partied it up at the Jazz game which we WON!! :) Jazz games are just so fun! :) And especially fun with awesome friends! 


  1. first things first, where does you hat come from?
    second, station 22 ALL THE WAY. we went there last year for valentine's day and dubbed their sweet potato fries the best we've ever had. plus, the soda seleciton. like, how can you not, ya know?

    1. Ok I got that hat last summer from Boheme at the university mall! But I just found one that is 10 times better with a thicker rim at h&m!! And seriously though… those sweet potato fries are SO good!! Now I need to go back right now just to get some more ha ha ha!! :)