Monday, December 22, 2014


Our honeymoon was literally a dream come true! We spent the first couple nights up at the St. Regis in Park City. That hotel is incredibly beautiful! We literally felt like royalty there! The first night they gave us cutely decorated chocolate covered strawberries along with some sparkling cider. We relaxed at the pool, saw a movie in park city, explored the hotel and ate the most DELICIOUS food I have ever had. Ever. I made Tyler promise that even if we weren't able to come stay there again we would at least come back to eat at the grill because it was UNREAL!!

After a couple days we flew out to Cancun Mexico! It was seriously the most fun week ever! We played at the beach and pool non-stop, went and saw the ruins at Chichen Itza (which were completely mind-blowing), zip lined through the jungle and through waterfalls, 4-wheeled through the jungle indiana jones style, floated in underground caves and rivers, cliff-jumped into a huge natural crater and ate good food at the hotel! I'm the kind of girl who loves both relaxing at the beach and going on crazy adventures so this getaway was exactly my style.

Looking at the videos and pictures makes me want to go back SO badly!! Until next time Mexico!!

Honeymoonin' from Emilie Ann on Vimeo.

 Prepare yourself for lots of food pics. It was to die for.

 Went to the Champagne saboring where they slice the top of the bottle off with a sword! We don't drink alcohol but it was sure cool to see! 

 Truffle pizza anyone??

 Tuna tar tar?? Seriously. Come on. So good. 

 We told the waiter we were on our honeymoon and he brought us out THIS MONSTROUS THING FOR FREE!! Pumpkin cheese cake with honey ice-cream, salted caramel ice-cream with caramel corn, molten chocolate lava cake with vanilla bean ice-cream, and various fruits including PICKLED CANTALOUPE! It sounds gross but trust me, I could eat that pickled fruit all day. And this thing was literally two arm-lengths long. 

 Tyler and I both drank like 10 virgin pina coladas. They were SO good!! 

 Human sacrifice anyone??

 The victor of this ball game (you put the ball through the hoop on the wall) gets their head chopped off as an honor!! Wahoo!!!!! :) :) They were all "dying" to win. ha ha ok that was really bad. 

 These carvings were incredible. These ruins are thousands of thousands years old. I was blown away. Where all my art history nerds at?! Just me? ok. 

 These guys literally scared me during the last pictures. They started growling in my ear! ha ha ha!!

Jumping into this crater was incredible!! Hanging vines and waterfalls, covered in stone and greenery. It was so beautiful!! The little black fishies swimming around kinda freaked me out though.


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  1. That looks like a dream Em! Holy Hannah! I wish Craig and I had decided to go to Mexico for our honeymoon- looks so beautiful! Next time right??
    Love reading along! Happy Marriage you two!!