Friday, August 1, 2014


On Saturday July 26, 2014 I finally got engaged to my best friend in the whole world and love of my life!! Happiest moment is an understatement for when he proposed and the whole rest of the day after! To be honest, Tyler had been teasing me ever since we went ring shopping that he was going to propose way soon! So I was expecting it to happen at some point! I don't get surprised very easily because I like to figure things out and I'm pretty good at it too! But the actual moment Tyler proposed completely caught me off guard in the best way possible! 

Tyler and I had a fun date planned for the day and he picked me up to go to dinner at the restaurant where we had our first date, Fratelli's. P.S. if you've never been there you HAVE to go! We love that place! Anyways, we started driving there and he took some weird, long way which I thought was strange. The whole time he's talking to me about when we first met and reminiscing about our relationship. He even drove past Alta just to point out that that's where we met which made me laugh pretty hard. So we get to the restaurant and we sit right next to each other instead of across from one another (T&E tradition, not sure when that started). Anyways, he started talking to me and then all of a sudden he asked if it would matter if my family were there or not to see us get engaged. I said it wouldn't matter and it would be kind of sweet and intimate if it were just the two of us. And then I really don't remember what he said next but it was along the lines of "so if I proposed to you right now, you'd be happy" and he whipped out that perfect box with the perfect ring and proposed to me right then and there! It totally took me by surprise and it was the sweetest thing! I loved getting engaged in a place that was so special to us and where our relationship began almost 4 years ago. 

We were SO ecstatic! Then the restaurant gave us the best free gelato with hearts all over it, which was really nice! Then we went back to show both our families before heading to the TRAIN concert downtown, which was seriously SUCH a blast! Ty and I danced and sang and partied all night long calling each other "fiancĂ©" every 5 seconds! It was such an incredible day and I love that boy with all of my heart! It couldn't have been any more perfect! 

I can't stop staring at this little beaut on my finger!! It's so amazing!!

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  1. I love your "story". It is magical! Thanks for sharing.