Sunday, April 27, 2014

3 More Months and How to Deal ;)

I honestly cannot believe there are only 3 more months until my best friend is home. I remember everyone telling me that once he had only 3 months left out there, that he was basically home! So far the whole entire mission has just flown by! But the last couple months have been really hard because I'm just getting so excited for him to come home! 

If I had any tips or advice for anyone who is in this same situation they would probably be the following!

1. Keep bussssy! So so so busy!! Seriously, the time has just flown by and it's because I've been so busy with things back here while he's been out having an incredible mission! We've both grown so much and have grown closer together because we've both been doing what we're supposed to do and learning and sharing it with each other! 

2. "Don't Listen to Stupid People" this has become Tyler and I's motto over a long period time and it may sound kind of funny but it's true! Everyone and their dog knows a horror story about how so and so's relationship didn't work out, or how so and so dear john/janed their person, or how so and so's companion had a horrible experience. But you just can't compare your relationship to others! Everyone has their own story, trials, and relationship. Just worry about your own and you'll be totally fine :) 

3. Stay optimistic!! I made it a priority not to dwell on the fact that there was so much time left until he was home. Instead, freak out that you have accomplished what you have so far!! Every month is freaking awesome!! Celebrate that! :) 

4. Support each other like there's no tomorrow! If you're anything like me, this journey involves two people! Tyler is my number one fan in everything I do. He is constantly supporting me and encouraging me to follow my dreams. I encourage him that he can do anything out there on the mission he sets his mind to as well! He is hands down the hardest working missionary and I've never been so proud of him in my life. His heart is so huge and he loves the people he works with so much! He is a missionary superman! :) 

Well, that's all the advice I can think of right now! :) I just love this boy so much and I'm crossing my fingers the last 3 months fly by as fast as all the others have!! :) 


  1. You two are seriously too cute for words!

  2. serioussslly!!!!!! so adorable! gives me strength! :)