Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014… Our Year

It was so cold outside. I had no idea what you were doing and why you were leading me out into the falling snow. Your hand was warm in mine and you were almost running out of excitement.

We stopped in the middle of the street.

I gave a small smile. One of those smiles that lingered with curiosity as I watched you pull something from your pocket.

An Ipod.

You touched my face before slipping the earphone into my ear.
My smile turned into one of pure confusion as I watched you trying to press the buttons with your freezing hands.

A song played.

"I'll be seeing you…" 

You pulled me into you and we started to dance.
I laughed. Probably a little bit louder than necessary. 

"In that small cafe…"

The snow was falling around us as you twirled me around.
Nothing mattered.
Not the cold, not the snow that was clinging to our faces, nothing.
Just me and you.
Dancing December away.

"I'll be lookin' at the moon, but I'll be seeing you…"

As the song ended you dipped me like dancers do and gave me the sweetest kiss.

"Happy new year sweetheart."

Our first new years together was magical. Something I'll never forget. But the next new year I celebrate will be my favorite because that one will be with you.

So here's to 2014. Or as we have dubbed it. "Our Year"
I'll be seeing you sweetheart…
Finally, this year.

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