Thursday, September 15, 2016

Gotta Have that California Sunshine

This was the summer of traveling to California! We went to California twice this summer to shoot some of the most beautiful weddings ever. Seriously. Both were gorgeous couples who put so much time and energy into planning their perfect days! You'll have to head over to my photography blog to see the weddings when I finally post about them! But they were AMAZING! I absolutely love traveling for weddings! It's so exciting and I love getting out of Utah sometimes. It's a breath of fresh air! 

So our first wedding was in San Diego. We flew there and arrived the day before the wedding and shot the wedding the next day. After the wedding was over we stayed a couple extra days to hit the beach and Universal  Studios. But most importantly... HARRY POTTER WORLD inside Universal studios. I've literally read the series 4 times and I'm just finishing it up again before I read Cursed Child ha ha ha! I know the movies word for word so you can say that I was completely in my element in Harry Potter world. It was INCREDIBLE!!!! It was like stepping into the book or movie. I couldn't believe it. Tyler and I were geeking out the entire time. And Butterbeer??? Amaaaaazing. We both got wands so that we could cast spells around the park (nerdy...but it was so worth it! I got Hermione's wand and Tyler got Sirius Black's), bought chocolate frogs, bertie botts beans, ate a yummy feast and drank a ton of butterbeer. The rest of universal studios was just OK but Harry Potter World blew us away!! The next day we spent the day chilling at the beach, playing in the waves and eating ice-cream. We even rode the sketchy boardwalk roller coaster that I basically had to drag Tyler onto. It was an incredible Time!! 

Our next trip to California we decided to drive instead of fly to save some money. Little did we know that that would be the WORST DECISION WE WOULD EVER MAKE!! We were almost to the Cajon pass which meant it would only be a little over an hour until we reached our hotel in Anaheim when the sky turned black and red and traffic on i-15 came to a total stop. I looked up at the sky and the sun was glowing the deepest shade of blood red I have ever seen. It literally was a scene straight out of an apocalypse movie. Apparently there was a wildfire that was spreading quickly throughout the mountains and burning down everything in sight. They completely closed down the freeway and one by one they were turning us around. Tyler was a ROCK the whole time. Very positive and optimistic even when sitting in traffic for almost two hours. I on the other hand started to get a ton of anxiety during the traffic and was antsy beyond belief. We ended up having to take a detour that lead us through Los Angeles. This added FOUR EXTRA HOURS of driving to our trip. It was THE WORST! 

But other than that, the trip was amazing! Tyler took school throughout the entire Summer so he only had a week of actual Summer vacation. And it ended up being the same week I had a wedding in Newport! So we decided to end the summer in style by going to our favorite place in the world! Disneyland!!! We will never, ever get sick of going to Disneyland. I don't know how it happens but it gets better each time we go!! It's like a drug to us, we have to keep going back for more ha ha ha!! We love everything about it! The rides, the food, the atmosphere, the nostalgia, the performances, the music. Just everything! We also said our goodbyes to the Tower of Terror because it's going to be closing soon!! Can you believe it? We are devastated! But after two days at Disney we hit my other favorite place in the world, Laguna Beach for some Johnny Rockets, swimming in the ocean and building a really ghetto sandcastle ha ha!! We ended the week shooting the most gorgeous wedding at the Newport Temple. Seriously obsessed with the wedding!! I can't wait to share it! It was such an amazing summer! One we will never forget that's for sure!

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