Saturday, September 3, 2016

Camping Trip and Cliff Jumping

Holy smokes it has been a CRAZY BUSY SUMMER! But seriously one of my favorite summers of all time! Hold on to your seatbelts because I have a lot of blog posts coming up soon! Gotta keep up with my online journal so these photos don't get lost in the depths of my computer ha ha ha!! Shooting around 40 weddings in 4 months takes its toll on my blog, but I promise to be better!! 

For my good friend Delaina's birthday we went camping and cliff jumping into the most beautiful lake with an awesome group of people! It was seriously so much fun! I am so ridiculously happy I met Delaina on the bus to UVU because we became quick friends, ending up having nearly every class together and now Delaina and Tyler are some of our best and dearest friends who we are so grateful to have in our lives! 

Tyler and I have always talked about going camping together but we've actually never been! We both have camped a ton with our own families but never together just the two of us. Which is SO sad because this camping trip was a blast and now summer is pretty much over and we need to make it a priority to go more next year! But we had a total blast and I can't wait to go camping again soon!

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