Wednesday, June 29, 2016


I haven't posted in such a long time! Things have been crazy busy over here but I'm going to try to be better! This has become one of my only places to document and journal things so I've go to be better! A lot has happened since I last posted! 

One of my best friends Jessica came home from her mission in Norway! She left the day before my wedding which I was sooo sad about but she had the adventure of a lifetime and I'm so happy for her! 

I've been in full-swing photographer mode! I always forget how crazy summer wedding season is until I'm in the middle of it once again but it's incredible. I am so grateful for this job. There's hardly any time to breathe but it's the best kind of crazy. I'm shooting two weddings in California in the next month as well so that will be a wonderful time! Shooting weddings outside of Utah is always an incredible experience. 

I started a fitness/weightloss journey for myself on June 1st. It's been one of the hardest, emotional, and amazing things I've ever done so far. I've given up soda (my favorite diet coke), fast food, have tried to eat as clean as possible, and have worked out more than I ever have. I'll do a whole post about this once I've reached my goals but it's going wonderfully. It's LOTS of hard work and I'm still trying to reach my goals but I'm really positive. I can already see and feel a huge difference. 

One of my photos was featured on ANTHROPOLOGIE'S instagram the other day and I about DIED of happiness. When I saw they used one of my photos I had to do a triple-take and I jumped around the room and called Tyler freaking out. They have 2.4 million followers who all saw my photo and then a ton of other accounts started re-posting the photo as well. It was the coolest chain reaction of my life. 

Tyler started a golf class and we hit some balls at the range the other day and he taught me how to hold a golf club. It was really funny but I hit a few of them pretty straight so I felt really proud of myself!! Also, I have to brag about Tyler for a minute. He just finished the hardest class in his whole major this past semester and he got an A. He is so ridiculously smart. This means he has a 4.0 in his Economics Major right now at BYU. He's a champ. He'll be graduating in April!! I can't believe he's almost done! 

I went and saw my darling two sister-in-law's at their Clayton Performance! They both have the most beautiful voices and they are the best dancers. They were AMAZING!! Made me totally jealous! Watching them made me miss performing on stage. I love going to performances like this! So much fun!! Olivia just went on tour to California and Disneyland with her group and Whitney is going out of the country to tour in TAIWAN!! How cool is that?!


I'm thinking about chopping my hair. Ha ha ha! But really. I have the thinnest hair on the face of this planet so I've always had extensions of some sort to help out the situation. But I've been loving the "Lob" look lately and I really think I'm going to cut it once I reach my fitness goals and after my sister's wedding in October. Total transformation baby! :) 

Well that's about it for right now! I STILL haven't blogged about our incredible New York trip! I'm still editing the photos ha ha ha ha! But it will be up eventually! 

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  1. First of all, way to go with the dieting/lifestyle changes! I'm trying to start the same sort of thing... and it's so hard to get going! Props to you :) I can't wait to hear about your progress, things like that inspire me to do better with my goals too!

    Also, you would look super cute with shorter hair! I mean, I love your long hair in all of your photos but I think you could totally rock the long bob with your style.

    Lastly, so glad to see you blogging some more! I always love to read your posts. :)