Friday, February 12, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Happy Valentine's Day!! I convinced Tyler to do a little Valentine's inspired photo shoot with me today. And when I say "Valentine's inspired" I pretty much mean we are both wearing some form of the color red ha ha ha!! We are celebrating the holiday today (Friday) because I am shooting a wedding on Saturday and Sunday we have some plans with friends. We had a blast fooling around and taking photos, catching a movie, and going out to my favorite Mexican Restaurant La Costa. I also gave Tyler his present!! A Gordon Hayward Jazz jersey and a Rudy Gobert T-shirt! He totally flipped out, posted a picture of himself wearing the Jersey and then the Jazz re-tweeted it. Tyler literally felt like the coolest person on the planet ha ha!! He's waiting to give me my present on Sunday and I literally have no idea what that guy is planning. He is a sneaky one! But I love that Valentine of mine! 


  1. This is so cute! Do you just set up a tripod for you pictures or do you drag someone along??

    1. Thank you so much lady! So we shoot just the two of us! We bring a tripod and do self-timer and we will also take turns taking the photos ourselves as well!

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    1. Aubrey!! You are such a babe!! Thanks so much girl!