Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Boston Baby

Last week I had the incredible opportunity to shoot a wedding out in Boston and then a reception in Connecticut. Boston has a very special place in my heart because I used to live there! I spent a good chunk of my childhood back east and I was beyond thrilled to be going back there! Especially to shoot a wedding! 

 Chicago has the coolest airport with rainbow walls and ceiling! This proves I'm easily entertained I think.

Sunset flying over Chicago

We arrived a day early so we could do some sight seeing before the wedding day and let me tell you… NOSTALGIA TO THE MAX! We spent the first half of our day in Downtown Boston. We walked the freedom trail, walked through Boston Garden (so many memories with the swan boats and make way for ducklings statues), and spent some time in Faneuil Hall Marketplace where we soaked up some serious Boston vibes, shops, and the coolest street performers ever. I could go on and on about how beautiful the city was and how many precious memories I have had there.

Make Way for Ducklings statues. If you haven't heard of this children's book you MUST read it. It's darling and a classic!

The site of the Boston Massacre. 

Benjamin Franklin's grave. We also saw many others like John Hancock and Paul Revere's. 

These old buildings kill me, they are so beautiful!! And I guess that guy is pretty good looking too ;)

After running around the city a little bit we drove an hour to one of my favorite coastal cities, Salem Massachusetts. YES this is where Hocus Pocus was filmed (best movie ever, am I riiiight?) And this is the place where the famous witch hunts took place as well as the inspiration for Arthur Miller's play, The Crucible. I was in my high school's production of the Crucible so I have a total fascination with it! We went to the Witch Museum, saw where they hung "witches", and I even found Max&Dani's house from Hocus Pocus, No joke!! But I forgot to take a picture… ha ha. After all the witchyness, Tyler and I went to a restaurant right on the coast and ate the best New England Clam Chowder ever. So. Good. We watched the sail boats come in and out of the bay, and it was seriously so peaceful and stunning.

The famous witch museum! I can't believe I forgot to take pictures of the coastal restaurant and Hocus Pocus houses! I will be better next time! Epic Fail!!!!

The next day we shot an amazing wedding at the Belmont Temple and then had the rest of the day to ourselves. So we ventured to Littleton Massachusetts where I used to live and I showed Tyler everything from where I went to elementary school, to the lake we used to swim in ALL the time, the gorgeous forests and meadows, our favorite place to get ice-cream (Kimball Farm, you will NEVER find better ice cream I am being dead serious), and I even took Tyler to see my old house! They totally built on an extra garage so it looked a TON bigger. But oh my heart. Oh the memories. I was smiling and laughing so much I couldn't contain my happiness. It was so special to share everything with Tyler about this part of my childhood. We even went to visit my mom's best friend Stacy! We used to hang out with their family so much so it was incredible to see her again.

 My old house! It looks so much bigger now! Lots of changes!

The lake down the street where we would swim all the time.

Our good friend Stacy!

Best ice cream period. End of discussion.

The trip ended in Connecticut photographing a wonderful reception full of wonderful people and a very  happy couple. My heart is so happy and I'm already looking forward to going back there again. Part of my heart definitely lies back east and it always will!

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