Thursday, May 7, 2015


Graduation was awesome! What can I say? It was a great day to celebrate with friends and family! I graduated with a bachelor's degree in Art and Visual Communications with a minor degree in Art History. I was lucky to graduate with my cousin Marlies so that made it a lot more fun! We had a few classes together over the past couple semesters and it's been a blast. It felt great to walk across the stage and get the diploma! The entire ceremony for the School of the Arts was amazing and there were a lot of cool performances and speakers! This was a graduation not only for me but for my family as well. Let's be honest, this degree is half my moms. FOR REAL. She basically did half of my projects because I kept messing them all up, like my rock sculpture ha ha ha. She gave me so much support and help throughout the years as well as the rest of my family. YAY FOR BEING FINALLY GRADUATED! 

 Some friends in the department! Love these girls!

 See? Totally my mom's degree too. Thanks for putting up with so many ridiculous assignments.

                                               (Obligatory cousin chest bump to celebrate)

 so many flowers! I am one lucky girl!

 Cute hubby :)


  1. HECK YES GIRL!!!!!!!!! We freaking did it!!!!!

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  3. Congratulations!! Getting a bachelor's degree is a huge accomplishment. Way to go lady!!