Sunday, March 5, 2017

Some Amazing News and Changing Times!!

Oh hey! It's been a while but I'm still here and blogging! :) The last little while has seriously been insane. So many life changes are happening and it's really overwhelming but awesome at the same time. The biggest thing that has happened is that Tyler got his dream job working for Goldman Sachs in downtown SLC!! Words can't even begin to describe how proud I am of him. I AM SO RIDICULOUSLY PROUD! He wanted this SO badly and worked his butt of to get there. The interview process was intense and Tyler went above and beyond to make sure that he made the right connections with people and knocked the interviews out of the PARK. They fly him out for an orientation in NEW YORK CITY in July (really jealous) and then he begins work downtown in August. He is seriously on cloud nine and he never stops talking about it! He totally deserves it to. He's the kind of guy who doesn't stop at something until he has given it his all. And even though I probably won't seem him very much because he'll be working like a crazy person, it's all good because I am so happy for him and thankful for this job in our lives! 

 Which brings me to my next big thing, WE ARE MOVING!! So long Provo!! Adios! We are moving up North! Until we find a place to live we will be staying with my parents in the basement. Gotta love these crazy transitions right?! But anyways, things have been great!! I was published in this years issue of Utah Valley Bride Magazine! One of my weddings is featured inside as well as a gorgeous Ad I designed and I'm just a little bit obsessed with! I attended a photo conference down here in Provo called "Photo Native" which was a total blast! I went to classes that inspired me and met some of the most wonderful fellow photographers! They are seriously the most beautiful and fun group of ladies! I'm glad I met them and partied with them at the disco-themed party ha ha ha! It's always fun to make connections in the wedding industry here in Utah! I love it!! 

And then for Valentine's day Tyler and I went to the Paris Bistro in sugar house. It was literally the most romantic, fanciest, yummiest, authentic thing probably ever. It was straight out of a movie! I first discovered that restaurant after eating there during a night with some photographers and Heather Nan (one of my faves) for Photo Native and I couldn't shut up about it so Tyler planned out an entire night there for Valentine's and totally surprised me! It was amazing! Well that's it for now! Things are about to get pretty crazy up in here! The future is looking so bright and life is good!

 (That's BEN SASSO folks. Seriously he is the coolest photographer! Love his work!)

 I did a styled shoot with Rachel Solomon who flew in for the conference from out of town. The shoot was seriously SO breathtaking! I can't wait to post my photos from it


  1. Wow Emilie congratulations to you and Tyler both! Such exciting things!

    1. Marie!! Thank you so much lady!! It's been a crazy couple of month! But we are excited for the change! Thanks so much girl!!