Monday, November 3, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Our Halloween festivities began a the weekend before Halloween at my friend Amelia's Halloween party! Tyler and I dressed up as Gandalf and Frodo. Literally "Fro"do ha ha! We went back and forth between like 4 different costume options and couldn't decide so we threw this together a couple hours before the party! We thought it turned out alright! :) The party was way fun! We even won the costume contest! We also played a game where there are hard boiled eggs and raw eggs mixed in a  carton and you take turns smashing them into your head and whoever gets two raw eggs smashed on them first loses. It sounds weird but it was seriously the most HILARIOUS game we've ever played! My best friend Alissa and I got egg all over us! SO gross but SO funny.

Halloween was so much fun! Tyler and I hung out at our little family party and carved pumpkins. We made a killer Jake Skellington pumpkin! Then after having pizza Tyler, Sarah and I went to Cornbelly's. Maybe I'm just a baby but that haunted house in there called "insanity point" is SCARY!! I was seriously so scared the entire time! After walking around all the festivities we got pumpkin shakes and watched my all time favorite Halloween movie "Hocus Pocus" Seriously it's the best. I love it so much! It was such a great halloween! So sad to say goodbye to my all-time favorite holiday!

Did I mention I love Halloween 10 times more than Christmas? Yep. It's true!

^^My "precious" wedding ring ;) ;) ^^

^^Our dog Ivy went as a Cheetah Girl for Halloween^^

^^Can I get an amen that Nightmare before Christmas and Hocus Pocus are essential Halloween movies?!^^

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  1. I love it! Your dog is fabulous, your pumpkin is legit, and you definitely have a double fro in the top picture because of the tree behind you! Fun pictures, fun post! Happy (late) Halloween!