Monday, September 22, 2014

Engagements and 4 Years Together

I never thought that I could fall more and more in love with a person but I keep surprising myself. Every time I think I love Tyler as much as humanly possibly, the next day happens and I find myself loving him even more. After four years together this cute guy and I have been through a lot. We've had our ups and downs, sad times and happy times, and we've been near to each other and far. But our love has never changed. It's only grown stronger with time. So here's to 4 years and going strong sweetheart! I can't wait until we can start celebrating our wedding anniversaries ;)

Our engagements were shot by the talented Shannon Elizabeth! I've tried so many times to resize the photos to make them appear correctly because some of the photos are taking on a brownish tint when they are really bright and colorful. I got really frustrated with technology and just decided to post them anyway. It's the thought that counts right?! We had a ton of fun taking these and we can't wait to take our formals with the lovely Kristina from Kristina Curtis Photography this Wednesday! Wahoo! :) It feels like we're finally getting closer to getting hitched! 


  1. Em!! I love them!!!! You looking amazing and sooo happy!!! They look so good! So happy for you!

  2. SO SO beautiful! I am so happy and excited for you!!

    Just a tip, if you save the files as .png then they won't have the brownish tint! I'm not sure why it happens with the jpgs, but I've found the the .pngs are better! hope that helps!

    1. Oh my gosh!! I am SO going to try that! It was seriously so frustrating with the brown tints!!

  3. Ah girl! I love these, great locations and that dress, STUNNING!